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About us

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Parsunday Symbol Co. was established in 2005. The goal of establishment was to make a unique producing unit in processing and packing of various products, especially Dates.

12 years before establishing this company a very creditable trading company called Badr Day Co. was founded, which was among the biggest and most famous exporting companies in 90’s and early 2000. Badr Day was the first company to introduce many types of Iranian Dates in to new markets. The main experts and role players of Badr Day in their many years of activity had concluded that the mere power of international sales and marketing is not determining a success in the market. Years of assigning the job of packing and other activities to the sub-contractors clarified 3 points for the shareholders;

In 2005 Parsunday Co. started to build a Dates processing, sorting and packaging factory in Kerman Industrial Site No. 1. The primary plan of the factory was made to be done in 2 phases. The first phase aimed a big packaging hall, some living rooms for the workers, a guarding room an office, a laboratory, some fumigation rooms, an unloading area and a cold storage, which came to exploitation in 2006.

Since  2006, the company has improved a lot both in quality & quantity. Increase of annual sale, being chosen as top exporter in 5 successive years, and becoming top artisan in 2010, are just some of the activities of the company.

In recent years, addition of an extra warehouse and roofed parking lots and ramps for loading the trucks, improvement of the green areas and asphalting  of the yard, have improved the factory by far.

Parsunday is proud of being the first Iranian food company to be granted the national standard certificate for 12 varieties of Dates. Also, to follow world known procedures of food production, the company signed contracts with consultant teams to help get ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP. After passing audits of German company “TUV NORD” finally received above mentioned certificates in 2011.

At present Parsunday Co. has a sales and accounting head office in Tehran and a connected office and manufacturing site in Kerman.


Work Procedures in Parsunday Symbol Co.:

In general we can summarize the company in the following departments, these departments are in interaction to do the job;


1- Purchase of raw material

2- Delivery and storage

3- Production and packing

4- Marketing and sale


1- Purchase of raw material

In general, as Parsunday usually packs & sorts its products in its own factory, prefers to buy Dates for production in bulk, in order to pack and produce Dates based on customers’ demand after harvest time.

From early August, our responsible agents in the growing areas, visit trusted suppliers and farmers in different regions and sign an agreement on the quality and quantity. Then, in the factory, or other hired cold storages, the quality control team approve the quality before unloading and stocking the cargo.


2- Delivery & storage

The purchased Dates enter the company warehouses in 4 forms;

  1. A) in baskets
  2. B) in Banana cartons
  3. C) in telescopic cartons
  4. D) in other miscellaneous cartons

The bulk Dates can be purchased in gross or net weight, based on the supply methods. For example, Mozafati Dates packed in traditional cartons are purchased in gross (the weight of the date with carton) and for the dates which basket is supplied by the company the weight is in net (only the weight of the Date).

Upon delivery of the purchased Dates, the quality team check the quality based on signed agreement, if approved, they let the cargo to be unloaded, otherwise they reject them to the supplier.

3- Production & Packing

In the factory, based on the export or local market orders, the factory manager and weekly production planner, put sorting, categorizing and packing of the Dates in their production portfolio. In this regard, warehousing delivers required types of Dates to the production line.

In the production line, usually bulk unsorted dates are transferred to the sorting line, and the sorting process starts. During this process, considering the quality, production needs, customers’ request and company’s standards, different grades are separated, most popular of which are first grade, second grade and industrial. In this level of sorting, Dates are still in bulk.

In next stages, final packaging teams start their job on above different sorted types. Therefore, sorted Dates are delivered to head of each packaging group, and these groups pack Dates in different boxes, cartons and other packages based on the order. During the whole process quality control team, supervises food safety, rules of the company and health issues.


Iran's Exemplary Exporter for 6 Years

Our honors

  • Iran’s Exemplary Exporter 2015
  • Iran’s Exemplary Exporter 2014
  • Iran’s Exemplary Exporter 2013
  • Iran’s Exemplary Exporter 2012

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Creatice Director

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