Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to your initial questions.


You can contact our managers and relevant authorities by email or telephone numbers in the contact section and consult with them to order your product.

1 x 20′ dry container equal to 17 MT (Metric Tons) for Dry Dates

1 x 40′ Ref container for Fresh Dates

For Dry Dates:

Each 20′ Dry Container contains 1700 X 10 kg cartons, approx 17 MT

Each 40′ Dry Container contains 2500 X 10 kg cartons, approx 25 MT


For Fresh Dates:

Each 40′ Ref Container contains 4500 X 5 kg telescopic cartons, approx 22.5 MT

Each 40′ Ref Container contains 2700 X Mozafati Master Cartons (each master carton or mother carton contains 12 baby boxes)

30% in advance in order to finalize the order and start production, 70% balance after vessel departure, against copy of the B/L (bill of lading) which will be sent to you by fax or email.

We have a sister company in Dubai for our money transactions, therefore, you won’t face any problem.

Anything you need for customs clearance at destination;

Bill of Lading – Invoice- Packing List – Phytosanitary Certificate – Fumigation Certificate – Certificate of Origin.

During the year within 2 or 3 weeks after finalizing your order and settlement of down payment in our account.

Before Ramadan or Iranian New Year, depends on your date of order, we put orders on our production list and whoever has ordered sooner is prior to other customers.


All our Dates are natural, without any added sugar, but Zahedi Variety is recommended as less sweet Variety. This type is good for Diabetic Patients as it is low in sugar contain and high in fiber.

We normally fumigate dates with methyl bromide gas, however, in case of customers’ need or country regulation, it is possible for us to fumigate with phostoxin gas (PH3). Also, we have recently started a project to replace methyl bromide with Ozone.

Depending on the variety between 12 to 18 months.

For dry Dates room temperature.

For fresh Dates between 0~5 C°.

Approximately 8000 Metric Tons.

Depending on the variety from mid August until end of September.

No. We only add some rice flour to the chopped Dates in order to avoid them from sticking to each other.


  • We usually export dry dates in bulk packings;

10 kg cartons lined up with plastic bags


5 kg telescopic cartons lined up with plastic bags and shrink wrapped

but in case of customers’ need it is also possible to pack dry Dates in retail packagings like 500 gr plastic boxes or cellophane bags or pouch bags.


  • Fresh Mozafati Dates are packed in 550~ 650 gr baby boxes, 12 boxes packed in 1 master carton.

* Dry Dates are shipped with dry containers but Fresh Mozafati Dates should be shipped with ref containers.

Yes. If your volume of order be enough for printing cartons, we arrange for production without adding any extra cost to final price, if not, we ask for printing costs separately and stock extra cartons for your future orders.

You should provide us with your artwork CD (artwork of your cartons design) at least 1 month before shipment date.

Yes, our company policy is to give exclusivity after first 2 or 3 shipments.

Rabbee Dates are normally being washed. Sayer Dates are washed based on customers’ demand. Other Dates are not washed, because if we wash dates the shelf life becomes less and also the skin will come off more easily. Therefore, we only remove the dust on the skin of the dates by wet towels.

We are professional in Dates & sub product of Dates like Date Paste, but it is possible for us to supply Pistachios, Apricots, Raisins & Figs for our customers.