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For export & local sales


-250-500gr plastic (PP) boxes with colorful label used to pack semi dry & dry Dates. 250gr plastic boxes are normally used for packing chopped Dates. In each 500gr container the Dates are first packed in plain cellophanes then placed in the boxes. 12 boxes are placed in one master carton.

– Our plastic cellophane packs come in 3 weights:   250gr




-Plain 400gr zip lock pouch packs with colorful label in front and back of each pack which

can be customized according to customer’s designs and branding.

– 150gr metalize poach packs specially designed for our Choco-Dates product.



Traditional small top & bottom cardboard boxes specially designed for Mozafati Dates. They

Come in different weights, 400gr (2 layer)- 450gr (2 layer or 3 layer)- 500gr, 550gr-600gr &

650gr. The top of the boxes are no longer stapled and are glued mechanically.

Folding boxes designed for fresh Mozafati Dates which are suitable for weights 550g & 600gr.

100gr small boxes designed for hotels, schools & mosques. 20 small boxes packed in one Carton.

  • You can choice your favorite design

  • You can choice your favorite design

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