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More About This Product

The most popular variety in Iran and known as the pearl of Persia. Soft with rich flavor and dark brown in color. Around 120,000 tons of this date is harvested annually. It comes in three types:

Fresh: Moisture level between 16-25 % – shelf life 8 months if stored in 0-4 ℃.Immediately after harvesting in the groves the product is packed in small card board traditional boxes.

Shipment must be done by reefer container.

Semi Dry: Moisture level between 16-20%- shelf life if stored in 0-4℃ approx. 12 months. This type of Mozafati can be packed in bulk 5kg cartons or consumer packs.

It is recommended to be shipped with reefer container.

Dry: Moisture level is max. 17%. Shelf life if stored in 0-4℃ approx. 18 months. This type of Mozafati is most popular to be packed in bulk 5 or 10kg cartons.