PARSUN DAY SYMBOL CO. was established in 1990 and began its activity by packing Dates. By expanding the business, processing different types of dates and producing a wide variety of date by-products was included. In the 1990s, the range of products included 20 main groups and 30 by-products. In the same period, traditional distribution and sales methods were replaced by modern technologies. In 1993, the international business of our company started. Since its foundation, providing premium quality of products and exceeding the expectations of customers have been the fundamental approach to business. The company  has achieved lasting fame, thanks to its remarkable planning and customer-oriented marketing methodologies.

Today, about 300 employees produce more than 50 food items. Our company has increased its storage capacity by adding new cold storage in the factory.

We believe in food safety as everyone's right, so we try to deliver high quality and energetic products around the world as the ultimate commitment.
PARSUN DAY SYMBOL intends to manufacture healthy and premium quality products by using the best raw materials. We intend to diversify our business by using recent technologies.