Although dates have high nutritional value and are very delicious on their own, many of us may still prefer the chocolate flavor. However, most of us are open to choose a snack that, in addition to pleasing taste, has high nutritional value and as much as possible, healthy, and nutritious ingredients are used in its production. If you are looking for such a snack, you must try Parsun’s chocolate dates.

Chocolate dates are made from a combination of premium pitted dates, nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, or almonds and high-quality bitter, white or milk chocolate. You can choose different packages of chocolate dates, according to your own taste and replace this precious snack with less healthy sweets in your diet.

Our company’s chocolate dates are produced in various chocolate flavors with various nut fillings and delivered in attractive packaging. The raw materials used in this product are selected from the best and freshest food products, and the production of chocolate dates is evaluated for quality in different stages.