If you want to carry a small piece of heaven with you anywhere you go, date bars are the delicious product you are looking for. These tasty, healthy, and nutritious bars are produced with a combination of kneaded dates with high-quality fruits or nuts.

The quality of the raw materials used in Parsun date bars is monitored at different production stages and the final product is delivered in a beautiful packaging. Date bars are a delicious and nutritious food that could be enjoyed as a standalone snack or as tea/coffee-time munchies throughout the day. harmful, unnatural sweeteners are not used in these bars to ensure they suit a healthy lifestyle. Parsun date bars are prepared and delivered in various special flavors for every taste.

If you follow a special diet, or plan to adopt a healthy diet plan, or if diseases such as diabetes prevent you from using artificial sweeteners, Parsun date bars are your best, tastiest and healthiest snack choice.

Parsun provided date bars in 5 different tastes and 3 different weights for consumer.