Date, this heavenly and valuable fruit has diverse properties and its very popular taste is enjoyed throughout the world. Dates are also used in procedures to produce other by-products.

In addition to delicious raw dates & date snacks, Parsun also offers date syrup, date vinegar, and date chips all produced with the highest quality.

Date honey syrup could be used in the breakfast meal together with tahini. It is also used as a natural sweetener in some sweet dish. Date chips is a lovely crispy snack and a healthy alternative to less healthy snacks for children. Date vinegar, which is often produced from drier dates like piarom, is used to prepare a variety of sauces and healthy food additives.

In Parsun, we pick the best dates as the raw material to produce premium date by-products, and to reach our top-priority goal, which is to deliver the best final product to our dear customers.