Have you ever tried the sweet and lovely taste of truffles? These brown, round and small sweets not only give a luxurious and eye-catching look to your table, but are also very tasty & special, and easy to become a favorite. Truffle is a European chocolate delicacy with a great taste and shape.

You may wonder if these chocolate sweets could be prepared from natural, nutritious ingredients instead of sugar, unhealthy products and artificial sweets. Fortunately, the answer is yes! Truffle could be prepared with date fruit in it.

Parsun date truffles are prepared from the best and highest quality raw materials, which are premium tasty chocolate and premium dates. These delicious and pleasant sweets are presented in exquisite and elegant packaging and you can get them to treat your guests or family at the next gathering or as a gift to a special friend.

Chopped Dates

Date Vinegar

Date Syrup